COVID-19 Update

County Health Departments
While we will continue to connect consumers to services and resources that help them stay safe and healthy in their homes and communities, ensuring the health of our consumers and staff is of the utmost importance to DHEO. We are closely monitoring the ever-changing developments of COVID-19.


The State of Ohio is taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus, and we are following the guidance and recommendations of state and health experts to prevent illness.


Currently, programs and services are not being significantly impacted.
Referrals for programs and services can be made 8-5pm Monday through Friday by calling 1-800-686-7367.

To ensure the health and safety of our consumers and staff, DHEO is taking the following preventative actions:

At the directive of the Ohio Department of Aging and Ohio Department of Medicaid we will continue to perform our screening, assessment and case management duties. Most visits will be conducted telephonically and face to face visits will be made on a limited case by case basis.

We have implemented remote work capability for all staff but will continue to have the office open with only limited staff in attendance.

We are asking that visits to the main office by community members be limited and that if there are emergent situations that require an in-person visit to the office, that prior contact be made via phone to schedule a time to meet.

Direction Home of Eastern Ohio is committed to the health and safety of the aging and disabled community and will continue to monitor the situation to allow for return to normal practice as soon as possible.